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Arch is a proud steward of the environment.

We have a leading position in the three major U.S. low-sulfur coal basins. Using cleaner burning, low-sulfur coal from Arch’s mines has allowed the nation’s electric utilities to reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide dramatically. The U.S. EPA says since 1970 emissions from coal-fired electricity plants have been cut nationally by one third, despite a tripling of coal consumption over that same time frame.

As a natural resource company, Arch Coal takes its responsibility to the land seriously. We integrate reclamation of the land into every phase of mining. Great care is taken to ensure that the land is restored to a natural and productive state once mining is complete.

Arch uses third-party surety bonds to secure all reclamation obligations. Surety markets have been supportive as result of our top tier assets, strong business outlook and proven environmental record companywide.

Helping to meet the world's infrastructure and energy needs in a careful and responsible manner is central to Arch Coal's mission.

We promote economic development with post-mine land use. You’ll find the only arctic char fish hatchery east of the Mississippi River, as well as a lush, 18-hole links style golf course in southern West Virginia on former Arch Coal mine sites.

Arch supports a variety of clean coal technology research studies. That’s because we’re committed to making coal an increasingly clean resource that meets the nation’s environmental objectives while providing balanced energy.