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Doing business with Arch Coal:

At Arch Coal, we strive to find innovative solutions that reduce customer risk and build trust.

We have deep expertise in coal mining, marketing and logistics and lever  those competencies to great effect across our metallurgical and thermal business lines.

To ensure timely delivery, for example, we’re uniquely positioned with 10 modern mining complexes in both the eastern and western United States. Thanks to our large mines located on every major rail system and good access to river and overseas port facilities, we deliver high-quality metallurgical and thermal coal almost anywhere, year-round.

As a leading U.S. producer of metallurgical and thermal coal , we're committed to helping secure our customers' future supply needs through our high-quality  reserve base.

Not to mention, we put our focus into mining and marketing 96 million tons of high-quality, met, PCI and thermal coals in 2016. We produce a broad, globally competitive slate of met products from five low-cost and highly-efficient mining complexes.

Our low-sulfur thermal coals give our customers the reliability and quality assurance needed to meet stricter clean air laws and protect our environment.